Lynne is a contemporary artist, writer and arts theorist, based on the use of sound, video, text, photography, drawing, mixed media, printmaking and installation she engages in questions regarding society, humanity, politics and cultural agency. As an interdisciplinary artist her artworks and writing engage with contemporary and historic experiments in socio-political aesthetics. Currently Lynne works between New York City, and Berlin, Germany.

Lynne has won numerous arts fellowships in New York for drawing through the National Gallery Art and Museum School, in Venice, Italy for printmaking and most recently for a film project based in Berlin through the Berlin Collective and kulturspace. She holds a BFA from Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of the Arts, MA in Art and Art Education from Teachers College, Columbia University, MA in Studio Art from New York University, and well as an MPhil in Art Theory and Aesthetic Philosophy from IDSVA with all doctoral work complete. Her artwork, drawings, mixed media, sculpture, film and video have been exhibited in New York, NY, Venice, Italy, Berlin, Germany and L’Isle D’Abeau France.


Born and raised in Queens, New York City continues to be a major inspiration for my projects. New York exemplifies the idea of the multicultural and multi-dimensional metropolis, a Republic. Life experience including the ebb and flow of economic and Capitalistic influenced displacement has given me a sense of internal Diaspora. I am not directly rooted to one space but rather rooted to the consistent chaos and change of contemporary ideas and culture blending with history. For my life as an artist, a woman and third generation native New Yorker, the constant influx of changing immigrant and international culture, the visual as life and as lived experience has been a crucial learning experience.

As a woman living under the influence of media and technology as the center of ‘culture’, I believe that we now live in a society defined by what Jean Baudrillard called ‘hyperreality’ or ‘simulacra’. In a time when visual culture and images are so influential and readily accessed it is essential to explore and understand how they work as symbolic production. I am also interested in the way images, concepts and new ‘truths’ are created by blurring the line between humanity, technology and performance (with a nod to Donna Haraway and Judith Butler). How each theme relates to the other often feeding simulacra and hyperreality. As a proactive response/reversal of this hyperreality or in an attempt to expose a truth and focus the audience, I look to create work and projects based upon live sensory experiences, human observations and interactions, movement in time and space, examining how these experiences reinforce my concept of “aesthetic action”. Actions, events and movement.  Lines of flight extending and opening spaces for the creation of new meanings and concepts through artistic events and interventions.

As a multidisciplinary artist my current body of work includes traditional drawing, printmaking and sculpture techniques as well as art film, sound, digital video/social research portraits, digital prints and photography.


After receiving her BFA, Lynne began working as the personal archivist for the New Realist artist Arman at his home and studio in Tribeca, Manhattan. Following this she became the personal assistant to the CEO for Activision games. Seeking to continue her work as a visual artist, one year later Lynne returned to school to receive permanent licensing and certification as an art teacher in New York and New Jersey.  Lynne has worked as a full-time art teacher in the New York City public school system and then as full time and adjunct lecturer and professor of art and art education at both Kean and William Paterson University in New Jersey. Aside from her own artistic, academic and pedagogical work Lynne has broad experience in arts administration and cultural programming. This work includes roles as curator, artistic program developer and manager, writer, photographer and video documentation as well as artist in residence manager.

While in Europe and New York Lynne has continue to work with a small non-profit organization, NYCTS, that focuses on community programming within Brooklyn and Queens, New York. NYCTS focuses upon community safety programming, empowering participants through the incorporation of projects in the visual arts.

Lynne has completed various public art and community art programs and projects in New York, USA, Berlin, Germany as well as Lyon/L Isle D Abeau, France.


Jarvis Dooney Galerie, Photography Exhibition: Postcard Salon, Berlin, April-May 2018

DISKURS Berlin, Curator, Heeryung Hyung, Until The Moment, Berlin, March-April 2018

Spike Berlin, Exhibition: Ohne prickelnd, sanft, SAAS FEE Summer Institute, Berlin, August 2017

kulturspace Berlin, *Solo Exhibition: North To South Berliner Voices, My Corner. Norden Nach Süden, Berliner Stimmen: Meine Ecke, Art Film/Video Exhibition

Berlin, September 16-18, 2016

Dante Alighieri Society, Artist Talk, Berlin, April 2016

Berlin Collective, Artist in Residence, Berlin, Germany, January to June 2016

National Academy Museum, Exhibition: National Academy in Italy , New York, NY, October 4th, 2015, Curator: Maurizio Pellegrin

National Academy Museum and Art School Artist Residency and Scholarship award winner Venice, Tuscany, Lake Cuomo, Rome, July 2015

Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, Artist in Residence, Fellowship Winner, Venice, Italy, July 2015

IDSVA, Visual Art / Philosophy Residency, Berlin, Germany, Venice, Italy, Istanbul, Turkey, June 2015

AW Asia Gallery, Exhibition: Artist Philosopher, New York, NY 10001 USA, January 2015, Curator: Rowynn Dumont and Taliesin Thomas

IDSVA, Visual Art / Philosophy Residency New York, NY, USA, January 2015

Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, *Solo Exhibition, The Republic Book X: A Critique of Judgement, Venice, Italy, September 2014, Curator: Lynne Margaret Brown

IDSVA, Visual Art / Philosophy Residency, Rome, Tuscany, Italy, Paris France, June and July 2014

CityArts, International Peace Mural/Mosaic, Große Hamburgerstraße 25, Berlin, September 2013 - Permanent Public Exhibition

Transart Institute, Visual Arts Residency, Supermarkt, Berlin, Germany, 2013

Arts@Renaissance, Winner Summer Visual Arts Studio Residency 2013 Brooklyn, NY, USA, May 2013 – August 2013

GrimMuseum, Exhibition: Works, Berlin, Germany, August 2012, Curator: David Darts

Time Square, Exhibition: Art Takes Time Square Project, New York, NY, USA, Curator: Chashama / Artists Wanted 2012

Like the Spice Gallery, Exhibition: Gallery Night, Burma Education, Williamsburg, Brooklyn 2011, Curator: Katie Drantz

Des ateliers gratuits au Centre Social David Douillet, * Solo Exhibition, New York / L’Isle D' Abeau, Group Exhibition various locations, L’Isle D'Abeau, France, Curator: Benn – Kitchenlab 2011

Coemeterium Campiello San Giovanni Evangelista, Exhibition: Works, San Polo 2454, Venezia, Italia 2011, Curator: Maurizo Pellegrin

Rose Live Music Space, * Solo Exhibition, L. Brown, 345 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 2011, Curator: Alawa Guerraiche

Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa - Palazzetto Tito, Exhibition: Twenty2,, Dorsoduro, Venezia, Italia 2826 2010, Curator: Maurizo Pellegrin, Dr. Gianni Sirch

Various art education exhibitions, curating community and student works 2001-10

MA Senior Thesis Exhibition, Columbia University New York, NY 2001 Curator: Judith Burton, Ph.D.

BFA Senior Thesis Exhibition, Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University New Brunswick, NJ Curator: Judith Brodsky